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Seo Services:

At McGrath Enterprise Seo Ltd we ONLY work with a limited, high-end, elite client base to ensure our clients get the very best service & result for their investment.

We are a registered UK Company with extensive experience in all aspects of Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and have a proven record of ranking sites in the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. We can rank any site in any English language based search engine.

Prior to April 2012 we offered our services openly and engaged in SEO forums and online discussions.

However, due to Google's new aggressive tactics targeted at punishing SEO we try to keep a very low profile online to protect our brand, to ensure the privacy of our personal networks and, most importantly, to protect our clients and their rankings.

Penguin 2.0 Experts:

Since April 2012, when the dreaded Penguin 1.0 was released by Google to punish SEO, we have worked tirelessly and spent many tens of thousands of dollars testing and re-testing new SEO tactics. We now have a complete understanding of both Panda and Penguin.

Since then we have witnessed hundreds of SEO companies close their virtual doors and hang up their notebooks. Yet, we have continued to grow.

Since the release of Penguin 2.0 we have tested and reviewed hundreds of sites to drill down into the nitty-gritty details of Penguin 2.0, just as we did with Penguin 1.0, so we know what works and what doesn't.

Panda Recovery:

We can recover a site that has been hit by penalties from Panda very easily and very quickly. It merely requires a few teaks to your online content. We can advise your site's webmaster of the changes he/she needs to implement immediately upon reviewing your site.

Even if your site was not affected by Panda there may still be steps you can take to increase your conversions and visitor retention and return rates.

Our Seo:

The SEO we use is cutting-edge and you will NOT find anything like it on Odesk or any similar site. In the spirit of full disclosure though we can confirm that there are other companies that offer similar services to our own.

However, every company offering these services have now closed their doors to new clients. When they do open their doors they typically charge as much as $20,000 per month for their elite service packages.

We are expensive because we are worth it due to the results we get and the high ROI our clients experience ... but we are considerably cheaper than $20,000 per month, even for our elite clients.

We have a very diverse and complex Seo strategy designed to produce results quickly but safely. We are obviously not going to disclose our entire SEO Strategy openly as it is worth multiple millions of dollars. However, we can give you an outline of what we do.

We use a solid, relevant, content-rich network of backlinking sources that are created specifically to feed link juice, authority and relevance to your main site. These are your high quality Tier 1 backlinks that are built in the safest way possible to protect your site and rankings from future Google updates.

These tier 1 sites, along with other activities, are also used to build a brand awareness for your site and company online.

We then build up the PageRank, authority and relevance of these sites even further by sending massive amounts of link juice and relevant backlinks to those Tier 1 sites. Essentially we make your tier 1 links so powerful that your site will easily outrank your competitors who have tens of thousands of links!

Why We Are Different:

At McGrath Enterprise Seo Ltd., we specialize in attaining page 1 rankings for our customers on Google. However, we do not target just any old keywords.

The sad truth is, many other SEO companies will offer their services with promises of high search engine placements for their clients without giving any thought to the actual businesses they are working for. You see almost all of these companies will charge huge fees but only target non-competitive and monetarily weak search phrases that offer little to no benefit to their clients. They basically only rank keywords that are worthless financially.

Our competitors only rank financially unviable keywords that are useless for 2 reasons.

1. They don't know how to find keywords that attract the right type of web surfer i.e. buying web visitors.

2. They cannot rank competitive keywords.

2. They are using outdated Seo techniques & tactics..

Post Penguin Seo:

What's even more troubling is that in a post-penguin world 98% of SEO companies are using outdated and dangerous link building tactics that can and will damage your brand and your Google rankings in the long term.

At McGrath Enterprise Seo Ltd., we ensure your dedicated team of SEO experts are targeting only keywords that will increase your bottom line. Before we begin any SEO work on your behalf we work with you on a one-to-one basis so we can ascertain the most financially viable keywords to target that will increase revenue for your business.

McGrath Enterprise SEO increase online salesYour success is our success.

We create sustainable high search engine rankings for your business using a unique SEO strategy that is built around solid research. We choose keywords to target not because the keywords "look" good but because they send you buying customers!

These "money keywords" and subsequent rankings are based on the latest research techniques that we use to mine the internet for the most financially viable search phrases connected to your business. This approach guarantees that we twin your web site and its offers with people who want to buy your products or services!

This unique service is offered as part of your SEO package and when it is combined with our cutting-edge SEO techniques your site will quickly rise up the ranks on Google and reach the number 1 spot quickly while increasing your profit margins substantially.

It is our commitment to you that our SEO strategies will produce results that will not only pay for our own SEO services but we guarantee that they will also greatly increase your business revenue.

To find out more visit our SEO Services page.

**WARNING** Do not be fooled by cheap imitations and cheap SEO companies. There are much cheaper services available but none of them can produce results. Don't waste your money on companies that use pre-penguin inferior, outdated and dangerous SEO tactics like profile building, spam blog comments and forum spam for example.

We Limit The Number of Clients We Work With

We only take on a limited number of clients to ensure we offer only the highest quality of work and a dedicated service.

If we currently have openings it will be marked clearly on this page. You need to act quickly if you want to work with us before any available spots are filled.

This is not a scarcity tactic. It is a fact.


***New client spots are now open***

In the last few months we have expanded our business and hired new staff. These "new" staff members are now fully trained and working on existing projects.

We are offering our new clients the opportunity to work with our experienced dedicated SEO teams that already have a proven track record.

We never diversify or spread our teams thin. We allocate 1 fully dedicated team per client. This means we can only take on 5 clients at this time. e will absolutely not take on any more.

You have most likely arrived at this page by invitation.

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Our Rates & Promise to You

We are not cheap...but you get what you pay for.

* We will never point spam links at your site. * We focus on creating value not just backlinks. * We build your online authority in your market. * We build your brand online. * We make your site an authority to protect it against negative SEO (attacks by competitors designed to strip you of your search engine placements and to damage your brand). * We use the safest SEO tactics possible to protect your rankings against future Google updates.

Regardless of what anyone tells you different search engines require different SEO tactics.

We do not offer SEO across multiple search engines. We believe it is a waste of effort and money. We only focus on Google rankings. Google "owns" approximately 80% of the search market so Google is all we are interested in (as you should be).

If you are at the lower-end of your market then you probably can't afford us.

We are experts. We are the best at what we do. Our results are guaranteed.

Do you want to enhance your website’s visibility in the search engine results pages?

Are you in need of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert assistance?

Do you desire number 1 Google rankings for keyword searches that will bring you customers?

If you answered "yes" to any one of those questions then you have come to the right place!

Why Target Google?

We here at McGrath Enterprise Seo Ltd., specialize in SEO services that create high search engine placements for your site so that you, as our client, will gain more highly targeted and significant visitors to your offers that convert into buying customers.

We are not like any other SEO company you will have seen before. We do not promise to get your landing pages and your sites ranking high in prominent search engines such as Yahoo and Bing! We target the biggest search engine on the planet, Google, and what's more, we get your site right to the top!

Regardless of what any other companies tell you, all search engines are not the same and neither do they work the same way. It takes different SEO strategies to gain high rankings on each of the major search engines because they each have separate criteria for ranking sites. You can easily verify this by simply searching for the same phrase on all the major search engines - the results will vary wildly!

As 72% of all internet searches go through Google we, as an SEO company, are not interested in spending time gaining placements on other search engines that have to fight for a share of the other 29%! Neither should you be.

Why target Bing or Yahoo when you can have a number 1 spot on Google and up to 8 times more visitors to your site for the same price?

You Get:
* Specialist niche and market specific SEO tactics. * Full Panda Recoveries. * Full Penguin Audit. Ranking a new site with old content if you were hit by either Penguin update. * Website Analysis - with suggestions for better SEO & conversion optimization. * Landing Page Analysis for SEO. * Backlink Analysis. * Full SEO Plan with SERP (ranking) targets. * Keyword Analysis. So you target the right search phrases to get you more customers. * Brand building online. * Authority building in your market. * Guaranteed Page 1 Google Listings - for high quality "money" keywords NOT generic search terms that have no monetary value. * High value RELEVANT backlinks. * High PageRank backlinks for added link juice. * Private network dedicated specifically to you.

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