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Prior to the Penguin update most seo companies and individual webmasters doing their own seo did not worry much about anchor text ratios. Simply building lots of low quality links using the exact match keyword they wanted a site to rank for was enough to launch a site to the top of the Google SERPs.

The more links you had with your EMK as anchor text the more likely it would be that your site would be at position 1 of Google.

Things are very different these days of post Penguin.

Unnatural Anchor Text Ratios

As we have already covered in the Penguin section about over optimization Google targeted sites with unnatural anchor text ratios and punished them with (what appears to be) an irreversible penguin penalty.

Google Considers Backlink Profiles With Over 60% Exact Match Anchors to Be Unnatural

Google Considers Backlink Profiles With Over 60% Exact Match Anchors to Be Unnatural

Unbelievably, a huge majority of seo agencies are still building excessive amounts of low quality backlinks using these EMK anchors.

Because Penguin is run only periodically no adverse effect is seen right away.

In fact many times a site will rise up the SERPs. But this is only temporary and it will be quickly slapped and sent to no-man’s land when Penguin is run again.

When that happens there is no return and a site owner is left with only one option – to build a new site!

Avoiding The Penguin

To avoid an over optimization penalty it is essential to build a wide variety of backlink types to your site using a wide variety of anchors.

Diversity is the name of the game these days.

Although the below image highlights how a healthy, natural backlink profile looks from an anchor text perspective you should also build good diversity in your link types and not just focus on your anchors.

Example of Natural Anchor Text Backlink Ratios

Example of Natural Anchor Text Backlink Ratios

Penguin 2.0

A quick note about Penguin 2.0.

With the introduction of the second instalment of Penguin we are seeing sites ranking that rely more on EMK Variations rather than EMK backlinks.

Be sure to integrate at least 20% EMK Variations into your link building trying to have as diverse a list as possible. For example, if you need 2000 EMK Variations to have them total 20% of your backlink profile try to build 2000 different EMK Variations…do not use the same ones over and over again!

Diversify The Link Types

A good healthy and natural backlink profile will have lots of different link types.

Although we will give you some tips for achieving high rankings without having to build a ton of links you should still build good link variety into your backlink profile.

Using the lower quality link types is a great way to integrate generic anchors and naked url anchors into your backlink profile. This way you get to kill two birds with one stone while doing it quickly.

Build Good Link Variety Through Link Type Diversity

Build Good Link Variety Through Link Type Diversity

This leads us nicely to the next section which deals with the best link types to build and shows you which link types you should definitely avoid.

Link Types

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  1. Before Penguin was released everyone and their dog could rank in Google. Now only a handful of agencies can achieve results and most of them only achieve results by following the advice in this blog. Sometimes I wish you would stop posting so we had even less competition. Lol