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Don’t Listen to Snake Oil Salesmen

Despite what popular opinion may have you believing blog commenting is not dead.

In fact blog comments are one of the easiest ways to get relevant, high PR links back to your site with the least amount of work.

Comment Spam

The only problems that may arise from blog commenting are when you rely on cheap seo agencies who spam blogs with useless comments – you know the type “Nice blog”, “thanks for posting”, “wow I learned a lot here” – with an EMK anchor in the name field linking back to your site.

This just screams spam!

Have a look at some examples in the screen shot below.

Comment Spam Will Just Get Deleted

Comment Spam Will Just Get Deleted

Both those comments are pure spam.

There is just one rule-of-thumb when it comes to using blog comments…Do not spam other people’s blogs!

It offers no value and merely links your site (which I presume is good quality and worthwhile if you have invested your time and energy into building it) with low quality useless spam.

Comment spam rarely makes it onto a blog page anyway. If the anti spam plugin on the blog doesn’t catch it then the blog owner will. It is a complete waste of time.

“What about the auto-approve blogs?”, I can hear some people ask. Well that is a completely different ball game.

Auto Approve Blogs

If a spam comment does get past the spam filters on a blog then you can guarantee that you won’t be the only one to have left a comment.

You will find that your comment will be buried underneath hundreds or even thousands of other useless comments designed only to get backlinks and not to offer value.

Leaving these type of comments will hurt your site not help it!

As part of one of Google’s backlink patents they clearly identify links on a page that have more than 100 outbound links as being low quality and the patent states that they carry a negative value.

Now, whether Google actually uses this patent in their algorithm is debatable. Google has lots of patents that it never uses.

However, it clearly shows that they regard this type of link as being negative and want it to harm your rankings. You should therefore avoid building these types of links at all cost because even if they do not hurt your site now they will hurt it eventually as the Google algorithm improves with improving technology!

An Auto-Approve Blog

An Auto-Approve Blog

Some Typical Comments Placed On The Above Blog

Some Typical Comments Placed On The Above Blog

It’s plain and simple – do not post blog comment spam. It will do your site no good and will end up hurting your rankings or even destroying them in the long run.

A Quick Word About Fiverr

The allure of 10,000 backlinks for $5 is hard to resist. What’s more some well known Seos advocate the use of fiverr for building backlinks to your client’s sites.

In our humble (but very experienced) opinion … this is insanity!

There are some good fiverr gigs available but they are very few and far between and you will never know which ones are good and which ones are bad until you actually use them.

By the time you weed through the chaff you may have done more damage to your backlink profile than you can repair. Again, and unfortunately, we know this from experience (hey…we were young naive and need the money).


To cut a long story short… when it comes to fiverr backlink gigs – just say no!

Regardless of what some other high profile Seos may say, (I know of one very vocal proponent of fiverr who charges extortionate rates to her clients while using cheap fiverr gigs to do most of the work), you should most definitely stay away from cheap fiverr backlink gigs….they can and will harm your site in the long run!

Proper Use of Blog Commenting

Now you know how to not abuse blog commenting here are some easy quick reference tips for blog commenting that will help with your rankings.

  • You should always only comment on blogs that are relevant to the site you want to build a link to.
  • You should never use EMK or any type of keywords to link to your site.
  • Use a brand name to link to the site as long as it does not look spammy.
  • It is often a better idea to use a person’s name, such as the site owner’s name or your own.

    The temptation is always high to use relevant anchor text or an EMK especially on a related website but you should keep in mind that anchor text in blog comments is considered spam.

    Remember also that the relevancy of the linking page carries a lot of weight as well. A link using a name as anchor text from a relevant site is worth a hundred relevant anchor text links from unrelated sites!

  • Leave a relevant comment that addresses issues mentioned in the post. This help get the comment approved and also helps build authority to the site you are linking to. You will need to read the post to do this!
  • Try to target pages with high PageRank. Many sites have strong internal pages that have the same (or even higher) PR than the homepage.
  • Avoid leaving a comment link on a site that has a homepage with a PageRank N/A or 0 as this means the site probably has very low trust flow and authority and may even be considered a bad neighbourhood.

Next we will discuss the use of profile links. These have become very popular among Seo agencies as they are easy to build and you can pump out thousands of them at a very fast pace.


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