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Believe it or not many marketers spend a great amount of resources building a quality web property but fail to make the move from providing quality content to making the sale.

Providing great quality resources to your site visitors is essential for converting those visitors into customers but it is only “half the story”. You must openly ask your visitors to buy from you!

The Call to Action

You learned in the last section about the importance of linking your offer to positive feelings by generating desired emotional states through your sales pitch.

This is a powerful and proven sales technique that always works. If you have not been using this technique then try it now. You will see an explosion in your online sales.

However, you must place a clear indication on your sales page that you want your visitor to buy from you.

Showing your visitor what you are offering, how much you expect in exchange for offering it and give them an easy way top purchase it.

This is known as a “call to action” and it is a vital part of your sale process.

Fear of Selling

Unfortunately may marketers are afraid to ask their visitors to buy something. They erroneously think that by asking for a sale they appear pushy or needy.

If you have done your due diligence, chosen your keywords correctly and used our proven seo strategies to get your pages ranked in Google then those visitors will want to buy from you because they will be highly targeted qualifies leads!

Clear Sales Button

Make sure it is obvious how a potential customer can buy from you.

Although many of your visitors may be highly skilled and intelligent people a rule-of-thumb in online selling is to assume your visitors are naive and new to using the Internet.

Taking this approach will allow you to effortlessly structure your sales pitch in a way that makes it easy for yoru customers to make a purchase.

The Blecher Button, created by Perry Belcher a great online marketer, is a perfect example of how clear your call to action should be and how easy you should make it for your customer to buy from you.

The Perfet Online Call to Action

The Perfet Online Call to Action

Many online marketers find the Blecher Button to be crude but it has been proven to increase sales by as much as 400% on sales pages that were under performing.

If you sell high-ticket products/services then you may want to design a more professional looking sales button with corresponding images related to your own site. However, for most online marketers the Blecher Button is a proven sales technique that gets results.

You can generate your own button here.

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