Link Building

Buying PR Links

When buying PageRank links it will be unlikely that you will be offered a contextual link.

Many site owners are only too happy to exchange a link to your site for a monthly fee but they are unlikely to be willing to alter their home page to make it more relevant to your site.

Blogrolls, Footer Links & Site-Wide

Although you are unlikely to get a contextual link most site owners are willing to post a link to your site in their side bar or in their footer as either side-side links or home page links only.

**A Word of Warning**

If you get a site wide link make sure it is a related site. For example if you own a car mechanic site then a site wide link from a car mechanic site is powerful. However, if you have a site wide link from a hairdresser’s site it looks very unnatural and smacks of link manipulation to Google!


This also applies to using your EMK anchors. Be aware that a site wide link will mess with your anchor text ratios and will be largely beyond your control.

A site owner could delete or add pages to his/her site messing with your anchor text ratios and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact you may not even be aware of it until your rankings drop!

It is always best to use branding anchors or naked URLs in site-wide links. It is fine to use EMKs in site-wide links on related sites as these prove to be extremely powerful and beneficial to your rankings. However for the reason stated above it is best not to do this.

If the site is exceptionally good and you feel EMK anchors from it would really help your rankings (which they probably would on any related site) then please use EMK Variations to protect your anchor text ratios. You have much more room for maneuver within the anchor ratios using EMK Variations than you do with EMKs!!!

Email Site Owners

Contacting site owners is perhaps the most straightforward way to get a high PR backlink.

Offering a site owner a monthly fee for posting your link on his site in the blogroll or as a footer link is an easy way to get the link juice flowing.

Using SEOquake to Find Sites

A simple Google search is all you need to find relevant blogs and sites in your niche. You can use the SEOquake toolbar to identify those sites with PageRank on the search page without having to click on every site and check the PageRank manually.

There are very good instructional videos and pages dedicated to using SEOquake so we will not go into detail of how to set up your toolbar here. Simply apply the easy-to-follow instructions and you will be finding high PR sites on no time.


You can crawl the seo forums such as digital point for people selling high PageRank links. Just make sure you do your due diligence in exactly the same way you would if you were buy an aged PR site for your own network and check that the PR of the page that is going to link to you is authentic.

The price of PR links varies but with a PR 5 link costing approximately $50 per month it may be better to buy a good PR 5 domain for about $150. You will then own the domain and can re-purpose it to suit your market.

This is something we will look into further next.

Building a High PR Network