Link Building

PR & Relevance

At the moment authority sites are ranking very well in Google.

The authority of the root domain is often enough to add that extra push to an internal page to send it to the number 1 spot in Google.

We have seen that to get authority to your site you need links from other authority sites and that one of the biggest factors for determining authority is Google PageRank.

You have also learned that the best type of backlinks are contextual in nature and those that come from relevant pages on established domains. When these types of links are twinned with high PageRank the link becomes super powerful and just 1 or 2 of these links can be the difference between position 1 or page 3!

The Perfect Backlink

The perfect backlink is a link that uses related anchor text (preferably an EMK or an EMK Variation) coming from a page that is 100% related to the link and is situated on an authority site with high PageRank on the linking page (not root domain).

A Perfect Backlink: High PR topic relevant page with topic relevant anchor text in contextual link

A Perfect Backlink: High PR topic relevant page with topic relevant anchor text in contextual link

You get many Seos advertising that they can get you PR7 and PR8 links. They can’t!

99 times out of 100 the Seos are referring to the PageRank of the root domain (home page). Although it is important to get links from authority sites with good PageRank a new page on a a high PageRank site will always have no PR itself because it is new with no backlinks. Be are of that.

The Seos who miss-sell PR links are either too inexperienced to know the difference or are wilfully misleading their clients. Either way they are not people you should be trusting with your valuable web properties.

PR is only really valuable when it is on the page that is linking to you. That way all that PR juice flows back through your backlink to your site.

Blog Networks

If you fully grasp this concept of the perfect backlink then you will realise why blog networks are so powerful and so effective for ranking websites.

When you post a niche specific article with your link contextually embedded in it with relevant anchor text and post it to a blog network that article will get posted to the home page of several blogs in the network all of which will have high PR.

This means you get the most powerful backlink possible several times over.

This is why Google hates blog networks and will continue to target them and those who use them. It is much safer to build your own.

PR Links

There are other alternatives to using blog networks and private networks. Although these links are not as powerful they are an excellent way to send link juice to your site and build up the site’s authority in the eyes of the big “G”.

Buying PR Links