Link Building

Tiered Link Wheels

Tired Link Wheels just uses the same premise as link pyramids only you build a link wheel to each site in the pyramid.

Begin by creating your pyramid then start to build tired link wheels to each of the sites you created.

By the time you finish there will be a ton of link juice flowing to your site and you will find that some of your tiered sites are even ranking.

Automated Software

Obviously there is too much work involved in these backlinking strategies fro just one person to complete. Even with a team of experienced link builders it can become a messy job keeping up with all the pyramids, wheels, tiers and interlinking.

You need to use automated software to help you with these tasks and this is something we will go into in detail later in this section. You need to be fully versed in the seo techniques outlined here before you ever start using an automated software solution.

Software is only as good as the person using it.

As Bob Proctor often says, “electricity can be used to cook a man’s dinner and it can also be used to cook the man.” Automated software can help rank your site at super fast pace or get can get it blasted into search engine oblivion!

However, when the time comes you will be bale to automate the creation of tired link wheels and will be amazed at the effect it has on your site’s SERP placements.

Social Link Wheels