Keyword Research

It has been shown in several studies that search engine optimization, when done correctly has the highest ROI of any of the online activities. Forget Facebook, Twitter, social media etc. At the end of the day Google controls most of the internet and unless you operate on eBay or Amazon it is Google that you need to target.

To target Google you need to use search engine optimization.

All success online, when it comes to search engine optimization, starts with keyword research.

Without proper keyword research you are really shooting in the dark and success will be a very hit or miss affair.

You see not all search terms are create equal.

An Example of a Bad Keyword

To illustrate this we will give an example of a client we had who owned several Hotel complexes on the coast of a popular Turkish holiday destination.

The client was very easy to work with but had a stubborn desire to rank number 1 on Google for the search term (keyword) “best hotel Bodrum” believing that having one of his website show up number 1 for that term would bring him a flood of customers.

A quick look at the Google Keyword Tool showed us that this specific search term received only 36 exact match searches per month.

"Best Hotel Bodrum" Is a Bad Keyword

“Best Hotel Bodrum” Is a Bad Keyword

Once the client was shown this data he quickly lost interest in the keyword.

Although there may be times when it is good to rank a client for non competitive search phrases (for branding purposes or even as a boasting platform) this particular client wanted to see a good financial return on his investment so ranking such a term would not have been in his best interests.

Good Keywords Might Look Bad

We identified a lot of potential keywords for our client that had much more search volume and were a good match for his services.

Sometimes these search phrases are obscure or may even seem strange from a marketing viewpoint. However, you should never argue with the data and it is much easier to work with searchers habits than to try to change those habits.

Finding these financially viable keywords is extremely easy. For example one such term we identified fro our Turkish client was “bodrum holiday resort” which receives 6,600 exact match searches per month and proved to be a very good converter.

Choosing the Correct Keywords

Remember that search engine optimization, when done correctly has the highest ROI compared to any other online activity. But, this is only true when the seo is targeted and being done properly! Seo is not cheap so it is vital that you know how to target keywords that have a high ROI. Obviously in certain circumstances this ROI is not always in the form of sales, new customers or more money…but most of the time it is!

In our Turkish example we can clearly see that choosing incorrect keywords to target could prove to be very costly in terms of money, time and the expenditure of resources in order to target a keyword that would generate almost no sales.

So how do you take advantage of the best ROI activity on the internet by finding the best keywords for your business?

We will look at that subject next.

Finacially Viable Searches