Quality Content

Creating quality engaging content is paramount to running a successful online business. However there is a huge myth that needs dispelled about quality content.

** MYTH **
Creating quality content will get you better rankings on Google.

This is total garbage and anyone who regularly crawls the Internet knows it is!

Just look at your own personal searches and you will see that what Google says and what they do are two completely different things.

Following Google Quality Guidelines Will NOT Get Your Site Ranked

Following Google Quality Guidelines Will NOT Get Your Site Ranked

The belief that quality content will improve your rankings is a myth first created by Matt Cutts and Google in an attempt to improve their own search results (something they no longer seem to be concerned about) because their algorithm is not capable of doing it.

Googlebot is a computer program and it cannot read – in any language. It merely identifies code and patterns. It does not know the difference between useful content and useless content.

So creating content in ways that you think will help you rank is a total waste of your resources.

Although there are some on-page factors you should follow as best practice content should always be built with quality in mind for users and better conversions NOT for search engines.

Types of Quality Content that Matter

Offering your site visitors content that is unique, engaging and useful will help you to sell your services or products a lot more easily than just rendering no service and giving them a sales pitch.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive giving great free content packed with useful advice, tips & tricks along with some form of free service sells products and higher-end services better than anything else you could do!

Quality Is Important For Conversions

Quality Is Important

Take McGrath Enterprise Seo Services as an example. We live by what we teach.

By teaching innovative optimization techniques and sharing the latest research into what is working and what is not working on Google with other seo specialists we have built up a reputation as leaders in this industry.

Teaching other Seo Agencies how to rank their client”s sites for competitive searches and keeping their knowledge up-to-date with the ever-changing seo landscape still leads to an inundation of requests from other Seos to work directly with them in exchange for a large percentage of the fees paid by their clients.

Although we refuse as we work only with high-end clients on a one-to-one basis this approach has helped brand us as the industry leader in seo and also makes us feel good as we help others beat Google’s massive grinding corporate machine to grab their own piece of the lucrative internet market.

Using Quality Content to Sell

There are 2 approaches to supplying quality content as outlined in the below examples in the IM industry:

  1. The type of approach we take – which is also echoed by Alex Becker (although he targets a completely different market than we do) – where we give real concrete advice and steps which other Seos can take to get sites ranked.

  2. The type of approach taken by Melbourne Seo Services where they build their brand through valuable client testimonials and case studies. For IM professionals they act more as a conduit for updating their email list about the changes in seo. They also download interesting and often entertaining seo videos such as the one below but do not offer any real tangible steps to take to get results yourself.

Fun Look At Penguin & Panda

The first approach, advocated by McGrath Enterprise Seo Services, centers on building up your brand based on the invaluable content you offer.

By providing quality content, that is both helpful and result-orientated, it is relatively easy to brand yourself as an expert within your market (as long as you are one) without having to offer endless testimonials or post client references.

Your content, the valuable information and advice conveyed by it and the results produced from your site visitors following it is the only testimonial you will ever need.

The second approach is based on building up your brand through heightened awareness of who you are, what you do, why you are different from others in your market and by demonstrating the results you have produced previously for other players in the market you target.

As long as you are an expert in your field the first approach is much easier and much more powerful in the long-run. Nothing sells your services better than personal experience of the results such a service delivers!

If you sell products and have no real information to give away for free then the next post in this section will likely be very valuable to you.

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