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Another important aspect of the user engagement metrics is the amount of page views a visitor has.

So an easy way to increase your site’s Panda score is to entice your visitors to click on another page on your site.

Image Links

Whatever You Do Don’t Click This Link

Inviting image links are a great way to get visitors clicking around your site.

You should view these images as being just as important and enticing as if they were an advertisement that you wanted to make money from.

Images have a very high click-through rate when they are engaging and enticing in nature.

So spend some time devising good images that are related to your market and use them to redirect visitors to your important money-generating pages fro increasing your online revenue as well.

Using Related Posts Plugins

Another great way of ensuring your visitors view more than just the page they land on is to include related post links within your content.

Including related posts in your sidebar and below your post has been proven to increase page views across a site.

It is always a good idea to use image related posts so you draw the eye of the reader.

Be sure to use enticing post titles.

Get a plugin that allows you to add an image to each link. Then add images that draw the eye and make the visitor want to click on the link.

Look to YouTube for inspiration as we all know how difficult it can be to get off the YouTube site once you have landed there!

Use Related Posts To Entice Your Reader to Explore Your Site

Use Related Posts To Entice Your Reader to Explore Your Site

We always use related posts on our sites and have only omitted them from this blog because we do not want visitors to wonder over the site and land on areas where they may be tempted to implement strategies that they have no built up a foundation for using yet. This blog is designed to be read and followed in sequence.

Covering 2 Metrics in 1

Improving User Engagement Is Easy

Improving User Engagement Is Easy

As well as increasing the page views of your website using related posts to entice visitors to click on other pages will also mean they are spending more time on your site and therefore will increase the “time spent on site” user engagement metric.

For this reason using related posts is extremely advisable and it is as easy as uploading a plugin if you are using WordPress.

If your site is in HTML format I seriously urge you to get a web designer to make the switch-over.

Using Web Designers

If you need to change yoru html site to WordPress (which we strongly advise you to do) a good designer can ensure everything on your site looks exactly the same and functions in the same way for just a few hundred bucks.

Use an outsourcing service such as Odesk to find an experienced person to do this for you.

If you wish to keep your site structure as it is then you can simply add code to your pages to include related posts and images.

Internal Linking

Using a Silo Structure