Tiered Linking

Matt Cutts on Upcoming Changes

In the above video Matt Cutts talks about Google wanting to go upstream to stop link “spammers” from ranking in the search results.

Many people interpret this as meaning Google wants to stop link juice transferral from tiered linking. How they will actually achieve this (and even if they can) is being hotly debated.

Even if this is something that will take some time to implement it shows clearly the direction in which Google is heading.

So although tired linking may still be very effective today, and may remain that way for some time, it is definitely going to need replacing at some stage in the future.

This should be viewed as a warning shot across the bow of all Seos. Just be sure to keep building strong relevant tier 1 links while building relevant tier 2 links and when this update does come into effect it should not have much of an impact on your rankings.

For now, and for the foreseeable future tiered linking works great…so keep using it!

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