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Guest posts are a great alternative to using blog networks. They are probably the most white hat link building method that there is.

Of course Google considers all link building to be manipulative and against their TOS so be aware that from Google’s point of view nothing is really ever completely white hat.

A guest posts works in exactly the same way as a post to a blog network site except you must actively go out and seek a webmaster or site owner who is willing to post your article.

This was once a laborious and boring task. However, these days when fresh content is so sought after there are several platforms available for finding site’s that are eager for guest writers to contribute such as My Guest Blog.

Guest Writing

Although using a blog network is as easy as uploading an article in spintax and letting the software do all the work guest blogging requires a much more hands on approach.

Guest Posts Offer The Opportunity For High Quality Backlinks

Guest Posts Offer The Opportunity For High Quality Backlinks

Once you have identified where to find potential sites to post to you must ensure that the content you offer them is suitable fro their blog readers.

Every blog has a different “feel” and writing style so structuring yoru article to suit that particular blog will greatly increase your acceptance rates.

Although this is a lot of work it really does pay off – not just in rankings but also in traffic. Getting a guest post on a popular blog can do wonders for your site’s branding and popularity.

Many sites have went viral and become extremely successful due to just one well placed guest post.


If you are working within a very competitive market then relying on guest posts to help you rank is futile. You need a lot of backlinks and you won;t get them via guest posting.

Even if you did manage to get lost of guest posts and start to catch up on the competition with these high quality links (which is unlikely) you can bet that your competitors will not have been standing idle. They will have been building links too!

Guest posting should be used as away of getting high quality authoritative and relevant backlinks. Because they are more difficult to get you should use your best content and EMK or EMK Variation keywords for best effect.

Advanced Linking

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