Improving Time on Site

One of the best ways to improve the user engagement metrics on your website is to focus on the time a visitor spends on your site.

Obviously the best way to do this is to produce a website that has quality engaging content that draws the reader in and keeps them focused.

Unfortunately, though this is not really a great strategy to focus on entirely as quality and engaging content is very subjective. What I consider quality you may consider garbage and vice versa.

It is also difficult to increase time spent on site if it is not necessary to keep users on your site for any considerable length of time. Some sites will only confuse or frustrate their users if they do not offer instant access to whatever content the user has visited their site to get (such as the answer to a question).

However, if you want your site to have a better Panda score then you need to increase the time a user spends on your site.

So, here are some neat little tricks and tweaks you can use to help keep visitors on your site longer.


Use Engaging Pictures to Capture Visitor's Attention

Use Engaging Pictures to Capture Visitor’s Attention

Many experiments have shown that visual images draw the eye.

They draw us in and hold our attention.

So, use attractive images related to your website theme.

Also consider using informative, descriptive or even funny captions that require the visitor to read the additional text.

Sprinkle images throughout your content in key places that will attract the attention of your site visitor.

Just a few seconds lingering over an image is often enough to increase the time spent on site measurably.


Using video is one of the easiest ways to improve visitor retention rates.

Videos Are The Easiest Way to Engage Users

Videos Are The Easiest Way to Engage Users

YouTube is filled with informative, interesting and compelling videos that you can freely embed on your webpage to help promote your content and ideas as well as keeping your visitor engaged.

The great thing about using YouTube videos is that (surprise surprise) because Google owns YouTube these videos are considered authoritative in nature.

Experiments have demonstrated that placing a YouTube video on a webpage adds a certain amount of authority to that web page.

So not only can you improve your user’s time spent on site but you can add a little extra authority to your page while you are at it.

Increasing Page Views

Another key element you need to address in order to improve the user engagement on your site concerns the amount of page views by the average visitor.

The more pages viewed on your site the better your site’s Panda score will be.

We will now look at ways to increase the average page views on your site.

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4 Responses to Improving Time on Site

  1. georgie says:

    I have implemented almost all of the suggestions made on this blog from the tips fro improving onpage factors to offpage link building tactics and i am now earning 10x times by previous income. And it’s all down to improved rankings in Google that came from following your advice. Than you, thank you , thank you.

  2. Percy Wright says:

    My site was hit by Panda really hard. I lost 82% of my traffic and my income plummeted as a result. I had tried several Panda experts before in an attempt to get my rankings back but all they did was cost me money. When I came across the advice on this blog I thought I might as well try it as it was unique and innovative not the usual “post great quality content” garbage you get from other “experts”. I implemented all the suggestions for improving user experience which took about a week (which I did mostly to take my mind off my failing business) and then didn’t give it much thought. One day I checked my sales stats and discovered they were up and well up. When I checked my site data I seen that I was getting hit for terms that I had been penalised for by Panda. Now, about 2 months after doing all the leg work on the site we are ranking for more terms than we were before we got hit and we have almost doubled our traffic. I don’t know why you are giving all this information away for free but thank you, thank you, thank you. I think you are the best and will always be in your debt.

  3. Seo guy says:

    Did this.

    Followed all advice.

    Am now number 2 on Google for big search term.


  4. Time on site is not such a big factor now that Google are toning down he Panda Effect. However, making a few adjustments to your user engagement metrics CAN mean the difference between position 1 and position 2 – especially when you have your backlinking strategies working correctly like the ones you mention in your link building section.