Penguin Recoveries

This is just a short word on Penguin recoveries.

Basically unless you are a big brand or are extremely important to Google’s own revenue stream do not expect your site to recovery from a Penguin penalty.

Despite the machinations of some “penguin experts” online and other dubious “Seo Specialists” there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that any “ordinary” site has recovered from Penguin.

Now, when you consider what many people claim is the real reason for the Penguin update then it would make sense that sites hit by this update would never recover.

You see if every site that was hit by Penguin recovered then the 42% increase in Google’s adsense revenue would soon dissipate and be reversed. So come next quarter instead of an upturn in their revenue they would suddenly have a massive decline in profits.

This is not something Google would be willing to tolerate and nor would their shareholders!

So, if you have a site that has been hit by Penguin it is probably best to forget about a recovery.

And let’s face it even if we were wrong about this (which we aren’t) then if your site hasn’t recovered yet, well over a year after the initial Penguin release, then the likelihood of it happening now are very slim.

Just make a new site…it isn’t that difficult!

No Chance of a Recovery? What Should You do Then?

Move Your Site

Move Your Site

The best thing to do is start over. Get yourself a new site.

Now this does not mean you have to scrap your old site. You can still use all that content. Simply buy a new domain, host it on a new account and transfer all your valuable content over.

Make sure all the pages on the old site redirect to the main page of that same site. On the main page place a link to your new site informing visitors that your site has moved.

Do not 301 redirect it to the new site!!!

Set your robots .txt file with a noindex attribute to tell Googlebot not to index the old site. Eventually the old site content will be removed from the Google index. This will avoid duplicate content issues with your new site.

Start Fresh

Now you need to start building new backlinks to your site.

Don’t be too dismayed at this prospect however as it is much easier to rank a new site in Google these days than it has been in at least 5 years. Plus there is much less competition.

Just stick to the link building strategies outlined in our link building sections and you will soon see your site recover its past rankings. In fact you will likely increase your old rankings and even add some new ones.

**A Word of Warning ***

Regardless of what other Seos say do not 301 redirect your old site to your new site!

Keep the two sites completely separate. You do not want to risk transferring the existing penalty from your current site to the new domain. A simple Link on your old domain to let direct visitors know the site has moved is all that is required.

Although you can reuse all your content it is best to change your landing page for your new site and add some new unique content.

However, the other pages of your site can be transferred by ftp to your new site. As mentioned previously do not worry about duplicate content issues as your old site will no longer be in the Google index.

Upcoming Google Changes

Tiered Linking

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