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The Only Winner From the Penguin Update Was Google Shareholders

The Only Winner From the Penguin Update Was Google Shareholders

By far Penguin has been the most damaging update to webmasters, site owners and Seos alike. It has devastated online businesses and continues to reek havoc among search engine optimization specialists.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that thousands of Seos were taken out of the seo game by Penguin many site owners believe that those who are left must obviously know what they are doing. This is not the case!

99% of Seo Companies who survived Penguin are actually still using outdated link building tactics. These tactics now actually harm their client’s sites.

Hilter’s Reaction to the Penguin Update

**Warning do not watch if you are easily offended by curse words**

This is a humorous video that professionals Seos will find very amusing**

*Video:hilter is not amused at google

Credit & thanks go to Barry Gibson for this funny video.

Beware of Bad Seo Companies

So even though many bad seo companies have been removed from the Seo industry thanks to Penguin, it did not take out all of them.

Because many site owners are so desperate to get their rankings back or to see improvement in their company’s exposure online they are willing to give Seo companies more chances than they deserve.

The great majority of the existing seo companies that remain active do not have any better link building practices than those that Google obliterated. Their continued (albeit what will be short-lived) activity just means they are better at keeping their clients even though they are getting no results or even negative results.

Almost all of the remaining seo companies are not only failing to get results but they are actually messing up their existing client’s sites with their damaging link building tactics.

When the client finally has enough and fires the seo company, after they have decimated their site and ruined their reputation with Google, these companies merely move on to new clients leaving site owners to pick up the pieces of their online business.

Sadly, this is a very real phenomenon occurring across the Internet right now. Don’t allow it to happen to you or your business.

Be very careful who you allow to do your seo!

Seo Best Practices

We understand that the majority of visitors to our site are seo professionals but there are still many visitors who are new to seo. We therefore try to cover all seo bases.

If we cover aspects of seo that are basic concepts to you please do not be tempted to jump ahead. There are new strategies covered in every section on this site and it is essential you get them all right.

Seo has completely changed and minor mishaps and mistakes made can now have devastating effects on your rankings in the long-term.

Below is some advice to follow if you are considering doing your own seo, if you are an seo company looking for the new “seo best practices” or if you want some foundational knowledge so you can vet your seo company and understand exactly what they are doing with your online reputation.

When Penguin Hit

Penguin 1.0

Over Optimization Penalty

Penguin 2.0

Penguin Recoveries

Upcoming Changes

Tired Linking

Low Quality Links

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