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Seo Services That Get Results

If you already own a successful business but would like to take it to the next level by utilizing McGrath Enterprise Seo Services to build your company’s presence online and attract new high value customers and clients then please choose the plan that best suits your current needs.

We offer 3 separate entry plans that suit almost all clients.

Alternatively, if you have specialised seo needs or are an seo company then you can use the form below to contact us.

Please be aware that we rarely deal with clients who earn less than $500K per annum as our services are expensive but priced to reflect the value we offer.

Results Based Seo Services

If you have worked with normal seo agencies in the past, or just spent some time investigating other companies within this industry, then you will be aware that those companies charge their clients based on the services they render.

These services usually equate to mass indiscriminate link building and useless reporting of the seo processes and systems followed.

Now, apart from the fact that mass link building no longer works in Google, and can in fact now hurt a site in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), we are acutely aware that that as a business owner you are not uninterested in investing in services, processes or systems at all.

There is only one thing a successful business wants from using our service and we believe that this is what you are entitled to get for your money.

With McGrath Enterprise Seo Services:

  • You don’t pay for links.
  • You don’t pay for on-page analysis.
  • You don’t pay for our employee’s time.
  • You don’t pay for useless monthly reports.
  • You don’t pay for backlink audits or convoluted analysis graphs.

When you work with McGrath Enterprise Seo Services you are only ever charged for 1 thing:

  • Results!

We know that as a successful business owner you are not interested in paying for services or products. We fully understand that business owners who have invested their personal resources into their own brand and built their success simply do not invest their resources in exchange for services or products.

You will have become successful by investing in results!

So we are aware that you are not interested in how many employees it takes to get you rankings in Google. We understand that you probably don’t care how we strive to keep our seo processes safe enough to stay well within Google’s white hat seo guidelines but powerful enough to get top Google rankings fast.

We know that the amount of time we spend keeping on top of each little change to the Google algorithm is of little interest to you.

We know that the careful way in which we avoid having the low-value type of links built by 98% of seo companies means little to you or how we craft high-value laser targeted links designed to catapult your site to the top of Google is equally uninteresting.

Truthfully we get it; as a successful business owner you are only interested in 1 thing – results!

We can help you get those results.

Although we can’t get every potential client to buy from you we can get enough targeted and interested people to your site to make it more than worth the investment in our services.

Depending on your market and the services/products you offer sending just 100 interested parties to your site could equate to a huge increase in your bottom line.

In fact imagine for a moment that you could attract a steady flow of new potential customers or clients every month. Could you translate that interested “traffic” into buying customers? What would 1 new client every month mean to you? What would 2 new clients mean, 5 new clients or 10 new clients?

What would each of those clients be worth to you?

Who Will Benefit You or Your Competitor

We work exclusively with high-end clients who offer high-ticket services/products.

Working with us can explode your income and your online presence. However, if you fail to see the potential of increasing your online presence do you think your competitors will?

If you have found our page then the odds are strong that we are targeting your market. Regardless of which market you are operating in, the search phrases you would like to rank for or the potential clients you would like to attract, there is only 1 number 1 spot on Google. We can guarantee that it is our client will get it!

The Plans

Because we are very selective with the clients we work with we can afford to work extensively to help our clients reach their desired outcomes.

Our aim is to create online rankings that will lead to the outcomes that our clients desire.

We work with you after your initial order to ensure you are using the correct plan and are not missing out on untapped resources offered in higher plans. We also ensure you are not registered on a higher plan when you do not really require that level of service.

Although we will contact you after your order you should feel free to send us initial details of the market you are operating in along with any keywords you want to rank for when completing your subscription.

Also let us know what your main aim is from using our services. What do you want to achieve…better branding…increased online exposure….more clients?

We are here to help.


Starter Plan

Although this is our entry level seo plan it is far from ordinary in nature.

We take your most important keywords and create a long-tail keyword plan for 1 of your pages.

Using a combination of on-page “themed” targeting and authority relevancy signals we will rank your of your pages (landing page or internal) for multiple terms.

These terms will bring traffic to site that will have a high conversion rate because it is laser targeted.

This is an entry level plan to demonstrate to you the power that leveraging internet can do for you.

Once you see the benefits of SEO you can move up to a higher plan and gain even more transaction of Google to explode your traffic.

Use this plan to create extra revenue to pay for higher plans.

Elite Starter Plan is only $1,000 per month

Elite Seo Services

Plan 1

Our Elite Seo Services are designed to increase your online presence and gain more customers for our elite clients.

Many of our clients offer high-end exclusive services and products tailored-made for a very specific and elite clientèle. Operating in small niche specific markets such as cosmetic surgery or dentistry means a small number of new customers can mean a huge increase in financial return. The return on investment is huge.

If you operate in a market where you offer high-ticket services or products that cater to exclusive high-end groups or individuals then this plan would probably suit your needs.

Although there may be small search volume on keywords we target in Google for very specialised markets the traffic generated from these Google listings would be highly targeted.

Our Elite Services Plan is designed mostly to increase our clients bottom line.

We will work with you closely to identify how we can generate a substantial increase in your monthly revenue. Our aim is to get you Google rankings that will attract enough clients to give you a good ROI for using our services.

If your main concern not is financial in nature but is branding i.e. if you are interested in branding your name, company or business online through organic Google rankings and want your brand to see seen as THE authority or simply for specific terms (such as “best cosmetic surgeon in Oregon”) then this is the plan for you.

Elite Seo Services starts at $5,000 per month

Platinum Plan

Plan 2

For those clients who want to target multiple keywords or multiple niches within their market this is a more appropriate plan.

If you also operate in a more competitive field with other professionals vying for Google placements then the extra boost from the Platinum Plan will be needed.

Some markets are so lucrative that the competition is fairly high. Likewise, many markets have huge untapped “search” potential with multiple search phrases available for targeting.

If you are involved in a market that generates large volumes of searches every month, or that has keyword phrases with smaller search volumes but in high numbers, then you need the extra seo boost offered by the Platinum Plan.

Not sure if you need this higher plan? The ask yourself:

  • Does your market generate a lot of online interest or “buzz”?
  • Does your market have a lot of competition?
  • Do you operate within a competitive online framework where many competitors are vying for the attention of online clients and customers?
  • Do you target high volume searches with high PPC or advertising costs?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions then you will need the either the Platinum Plan or the Competition Annihilator.

When you complete your order please let us know what market you are operating in and any keywords you wish to rank for along with any desired outcomes you expect from increasing your online exposure.

Platinum Plan starts at $7,500 per month

Competition Annihilator

Plan 3

The Competition Annihilator is designed for two types of client:

  1. Clients who have the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, through greater online exposure.
  2. Clients who are involved in very competitive markets such as credit cards, mortgage, property sales etc.

If you operate in a market that offers extremely high-ticket services/products to a very exclusive high-end clientèle then this is the plan for you.

Likewise if the market you are in is fiercely competitive then you will need this plan.

In some high-end, high search volume markets the competition is so fierce that normally only big brand names can afford to compete. With our help anyone can compete and win.

With our dedicated seo service structured to completely wipe all the competition you can be assured of high Google rankings and a torrent of new traffic, and thus new paying customers, to your site.

Not sure if this plan is for you? Then ask your self the following questions:

  • Would just 1 new client or sale bring you $10,000 or more in profit?
  • Do you operate in a market or niche that generates a lot of “buzz” or interest online?
  • Are there a lot of companies, or dedicated companies with big budgets, vying for your customer base?
  • Would a $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 investment give you a great ROI if it delivered just a few extra clients/customers per month?
  • Would a $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 investment give you a great ROI if you captured between 50% and 75% of all online clients in your market?

Please detail the market you are operating in and send us a list of your desired keywords when you complete your order along with your desired outcomes of using this service.

Competition Annihilator starts at $10,00 per month

Seo Agencies & Specialist Client Requests

Although we rarely work with 3rd parties occasionally we will help out other seo agencies if we feel they are a god fit for us and we have teh resources available to work with them.

If you are an seo agency and would like to speak with a representative about the potential to work with us or if you are a non-seo based business leader who is eligible to work with us (earning over 500K per annum offering high-ticket products/services) and want a quote for specialised work then please use the form below.

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