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Social signals are becoming more important in internet marketing with every passing year.

No longer are social sites viewed as merely being a meeting place for friends or as quaint places to people watch, profile creep or to play online games like Farmville. Social platforms are exploding and becoming a way for marketers to target markets in a way that search engines never could.

Facebook, for example, can be used to target specific groups and individuals in ways that no other platform offers. Google would struggle to offer such targeted traffic yet Facebook and similar platforms can drill down into niches on an individual level and place your offer right before them.

Social Signals in Seo

Although you should consider setting up social sites as a way to connect to your market in ways that you can’t with other marketing tactics we are mostly concerned with its ability to help us rank in the SERPs in this section.

Google, and other search engines, are well aware that social signals offer the best way for determining how popular a website is.

Traditionally backlinks from other websites have been viewed as a vote of popularity for the site being linked to. However, this obviously has its drawbacks as you will be well aware of being an internet marketer.

Normal backlinks are just to easy to manipulate. A good seo campaign and build a few thousand high quality links to a site in just a month or 2. A good Seo can use the best marketing tactics to ensure that those links offer real quality and power to the site being linked to so it jumps up in the SERPs. This is why Google hates seo.

Social signals are much more difficult to manipulate than ordinary website backlinks.

For this reason getting good social signals to your site can really help with your rankings.

At the moment Google does not rely as heavily on socials signals as it may do in the future and this is for several reasons the most obvious of which is that the biggest social platform on the planet is Facebook.

Google cannot access Facebook data that is behind the facebook “privacy lines” and even if it could Google hates facebook and would much rather use its own social platform G+. Unfortunately for Google G+ is just isn’t a real contender and does not have enough data to use in their main search algorithm.

This does not mean that social signals are not important. They are. And, they can help your site rank when you use them correctly.

Social Link Wheeling

The strategies we have outlines already work very well for helping you increase your site’s rankings. When you incorporate social signals into these strategies you can create very powerful backlinks to your site.

Using Social Signals As Tier 1 Links is a Powerful Backlink Strategy

Using Social Signals As Tier 1 Links is a Powerful Backlink Strategy

The best way to use a social signal is within an open link wheel structure.

It has been shown that link wheels, and even mini nets, using social signals can add real link juice and power to a site for ranking purposes.

Although social signals can help with ranking you should never rely on just one backlink strategy. Do not build all your link wheels and/or mini nets using social signals only.

All Types of Social Signals Are Good To Use

All Types of Social Signals Are Good To Use

In the modern seo environment it is always wise to diversify your backlinking strategies even using certain processes that do not seem to have much effect upon rankings. This is for a two-fold reason:

  1. You need diversity in your link profile to make it look natural. Google hates seo to disguising your seo work is essential if you want to rank in Google.
  2. What works today in the world of backlinking may nor work tomorrow. Likewise, what has little or no effect today may prove to be a major ranking factor tomorrow.
  3. So always be sure to try new strategies and incorporate new processes into your backlinking strategies as long as you follow the golden rules of anchor text and link type diversity.

    Another very powerful technique for increasing rankings is getting relevant contextual links from already established blogs. There are several ways to do this as we will see next.

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