Swapping PR Links

Using your private network to build backlinks to your own sites is only one powerful way to use them.

For example, did you know that you could be making money from your network sites simply by selling links on them? The links can even be related actually helping your site rather than draining PR from it.

In a previous post I described how a link from a PR 5 site can cost you as much as $50 per month but you can buy an aged PR 5 domain fro as little as $150.

Well, if you sell just 3 links on that $150 domain that you bought you will make your investment back in the first month. After that the site is actually going to make you a profit!

Leveraging the PR

Another great way to leverage the power of your high PR network sites is to use them as link bait.

Seek out high PR domains in the same niche as your site and contact the site owner offer them a “reciprocal type” of link. I say “reciprocal type” because it is not an actual reciprocal link.

Reciprocal links do not work any more. However, offering a link on one of your high PR sites in exchange fro a link back to a different site in your network will help that site gain even more authority and link juice.

For example let’s say you have a PR 5 site re-purposed for weight loss, site “A” and you want to use that site to get more high PR backlinks pointing back to your main weight loss money site. You can actually use the PR network site as leverage for getting links to your main site from a webmaster who also has a PR 5 weight loss site.

You contact the webmaster offering him a link from your weight loss site “A” in exchange for a link from his site, site “C”, to your main weight loss money site. He agrees and you set up the “reciprocal type” links.

This would mean that your PR 5 weight loss site “A” links to his PR 5 weight loss site “C” and in turn his PR 5 weight loss site “C” links back to your main money site.

Leveraging the PR of Your Sites For More Links

Leveraging the PR of Your Network Sites For More Links

Not only are you both getting high PR backlinks but your sites are themselves linking to other high authority relevant PR sites making them more relevant and authoritative in the eyes of Google.

Everyone is a winner! 🙂

You could do this several times for each network site generating many one-way backlinks to your main site than you could normally get.

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