The Long Tail

In Internet Marketing the term “long tail keywords” is used regularly but rarely is this term fully explained and it is even rarer to be shown how to find this type elusive keyword.

Long tail keywords refers to non-generic specific keywords that are highly targeted.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords Can Be Very Lucrative

Long Tail Keywords Are More Specific & So Get Fewer Searches But Usually Convert Much Better

For example, the search term “cellphone” is a generic keyword that gets a huge amount of monthly searches. However it is extremely generic in nature and does not tell us much about the intent of the searcher.

Do they want to buy a cellphone, do they want to know what a cellphone is, how it works or do they just what information about the different types of cellphones available. At the end of the day we have no idea what the intent of this search is!

A much more targeted search is “buy cellphone” which is also more financially viable as was explained in the previous post. Although this is a buyer keyword, it is still very generic in nature and it would be difficult to target specific potential customers as their are thousands of cellphone models available on the market.

To find a better buyer keyword we want to dig down into the niche to find long tail keywords that target a more specific market.

The more you drill down into a niche to find more specific search terms the better your chances are of increasing your conversions – as long as you continue to target money keywords.

There is a basic misconception in the Internet Marketing Industry that higher volume search phrases are better than low volume search phrases. We seen in the previous post that this is not the case.

Generic Versus Long Tail

Sometimes ranking high for a phrase that gets only 100 hits per month can be worth a lot more money to a site owner than ranking high for a information based search phrase that gets 10,000 hits per month.


  1. liposuction – 74,000 searches per month. (Generic search term.)
  2. liposuction los angeles – 1,000 hits per month. (Long tail search term.)

The first search term is generic in nature and there is no real indication of the searchers intent. Many people would search for “liposuction” fro information.

Additionally using such a generic term does not localize the search phrase either. As well as the whole of the USA people from all over the world also use choosing that engine over their local google engine such as or

The second search phrase is much more localized and, although we can never truly know a searchers intent, we can make an educated guess that anyone looking for information about liposuction in a localized are such as LA is considering getting this service.

In fact this is indeed the case and the second search phrase has a much higher conversion rate than the first phrase and would show a much higher ROI for a cosmetic surgery practice in Los Angeles offering this service.

Even a search phrase such as “liposuction new york” which only generates 220 searches per month would be a worthwhile and financially viable keyword for a New York cosmetic surgery practice to target as just a 1% conversion (5% – 10% would be more realistic) would result in 2 paying clients and thus make the effort worthwhile.

ROI on Long Tail Searches

From the above examples you can easily see how using effective seo services offers great ROI (return on investment).

Using a service such as McGrath Enterprise Seo Services Elite Package you could rank for several such keywords and generate a lot of new clients and a ton of new leads for only a $5,000 per month investment.

For high-end clients that offer top services and products at a higher end of their market’s price scale can explode their earnings and grow their company exponentially purely by targeting and ranking long tail keywords.

Ranking the Long Tail

Ranking long tail keywords can be extremely easy when you use the correct seo strategy.

By building up authority to the main root domain and then using a silo structure within a website it is possible to rank for several long tail keywords without having to target each individual page with an off-page link building campaign.

Once initial rankings are achieved you can secure those rankings (or improve them if the site is not at number 1) for the long-term with a small but targeted link building campaign using the proven strategies outlined in the link building section.

When The Long Tail is Too Long

For many companies, such as in the financial sector or those who want a global reach, long tail keywords are not their main target. These companies operate in a much fiercer competitive environment and they therefore require more aggressive tactics.

Competitive Searches

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