We Are Hiring!

Start at $300 per month and move up to $1000 per month just by doing your job!

Can you Generate Traffic to a Website?

  • Do you have good English language skills (Filipinos often have better English language skills than they give themselves credit for having)?
  • Can you write English content for social media?
  • Can you build backlinks?
  • Can you create readable content for syndication and article marketing through sites like www.ezinearticles.com?
  • Can you create simple YouTube videos & upload them to YouTube?
  • Can you create and run social media accounts such as Facebook fanpages & Twitter?
  • Can you interact on forums and offer VALUABLE information/advice (this may require researching a given subject)?

If you feel that you can perform the above tasks then we need you!

Traffic Generation Rock Stars Wanted

We require an experienced online marketer for traffic generation.

Although your job is not seo related the duties are somewhat similar.

You can build your salary up very fast.

Every time you increase traffic to your target site by only 200 visitors per day your wages increase by $100 per month until you are earning $800 per month and then you will be given the opportunity for free training to help you move into a higher position.

Employment details

When you are hired you will be an employee of McGrath Enterprise Seo Ltd., you will not be an outsource worker.

As a full time permanent employee you will be given the following benefits:

  • 22 days paid holiday per year.
  • 5 paid sick days.
  • Eligibility for bonus payments.
  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Free training for higher positions & more responsibility if you want it.

  • Pay-scale:

    • Starting pay grade is $200 per month.
    • Weekly pay (starting at $50 per week).
    • Every time your target website traffic increases by 200 visitors per day you will receive a $25 per week pay increase ($100 per month) – up to $800 per month.
    • Bonus payments are given when your work exceeds your traffic goals or if the traffic you are driving results in greater sales than anticipated.

      [example you increase traffic by 300 visitors per day instead of 200 or if the conversion rate of our websites increases due to the highly targeted traffic your work is generating].

    • Bonus payments vary from 1 week’s wage to 3 month’s wages.
    • When you reach the upper level of your pay-scale you will be given the opportunity to apply to a higher grade & position.

    • Application Process

      Can you follow a simple plan like this one and this one while also including your own traffic generation processes?

      You must also be able to create and market simple YouTube videos that will drive traffic to our websites.

      If you are interested in this position please send a detailed traffic generation plan to webmaster@personal-development.info.

      1. List activities you would do to build up traffic to a target website.
      2. Include any activities you feel would be good to drive targeted traffic to a website.
      3. Include any past work examples that will support your application.

      You must include a cover letter with your application and use this sentence “Michael I am a traffic rock star”, to show that you have read and understood this job posting.

      Good luck.

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